A Yogi’s Word on Kriya

Mahavatar Babaji Swamy Vinayagananda
  • Purify the body with Ashtangha Yoga, Service to the Guru, Devotion, Sacrifice and more.
  • Strengthen the body and mind with Ashtangha Yoga, Right Knowledge, Service to the Guru, the Ashram, the Life, Devotion, Sacrifice and more.
  • Learn by reading some of the scriptures; get a grounding in a different approach to thought through the Bagavad Gita, the Upanishads, Puranas or other.
  • Develop a routine from early morning until you go to sleep at night, mindfully engaging in every task, from the filling of the bath water to the serving of the tea. The words of the music, the motivation behind the actions, the intention behind the words…
  • You can seek out the life in fire; verily you can recognize each element as part of your very own Self — the koshas. You can go past the gunas to touch the ineffable, every moment of every day.
  • You can read for five minutes, meditate for ten minutes, breathe for fifteen minutes in a pattern of this, that or the other, with your finger placed here and your thumb placed there. You can adopt a mudra with your interlocking fingers and focus really hard.



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David Fox

David Fox

Shivnetra Jnani | Furthering integrity and impeccability in the teaching of knowledge arts. Yoga-centric white paper for download at umamaya.com