Can I Meditate to Benefit My Family?

David Fox
3 min readFeb 12, 2021


Yes, sure. On so many levels!

Let’s start with the mystical and work down to the mundane.

On the level of Tantric Visualization, an enabled and empowered awareness is totally able to manifest real change at the physical level, from body/mind healing via the subtle interaction with personal and objective energy, to the synchronization with space/time events in the environment and circumstance around you.

Take the example of non-local healing which is the subject of so many case studies these days. It is known that prayer has a tangible effect in many cases of spontaneous healing. The question then becomes, are the effects of prayer limited only to healing operations? Not at all.

If a shaman, sorcerer, yogi is able to cooperate with Nature to create weather, it only stands to reason that the elements that make up the world, including the human being may be similarly manipulated. There are reasons why the ancient texts write of boons being granted by a sage with nothing more than an uplifted hand.

Let’s bring it down to earth a bit. You walk into a room. 17 people are having a party. One person is drunk and becoming obnoxious, slightly irritating the people around. The drunkard becomes louder, bringing all attention to themselves. Now he becomes angry, belligerent. What is happening to the people around him? If it continues in this way the party will soon be over. Many people will leave and go about their business. Some will be so effected by the mood of the angry drunk that their own emotions will have become unstable leading to unstable behavior.

In such a way, the changes you create within your own emotional, mental, spiritual makeup have a very real effect on the people around you.

Let’s look at neuro-physiology. The human body vibrates at a rate of 1.5 ~ 9.5 GHz. Electromagnetic brainwaves vibrate from 0.1~30 Hz. How electromagnetism affects us directly is a pretty big topic. How electromagnetic fields effect pathological and physiological processes is the subject of a lot of study and debate. When we meditate and alter our brainwaves, and depending on how those are augmented and delivered outwardly, will determine whether or not there is a noticeable effect.

The combination of intention with empowered awareness is a mighty one. Developing good skill in the art of meditation is a noble pursuit and can benefit one’s self, family and the entire world.



David Fox

Yogi and coach at UmaMaYA developing science-based tools that help people reach the fullest potential of the human condition.