Please Show Me How to Access Kundalini So That I Can Discover All the Secrets of the Universe!

David Fox
3 min readFeb 12, 2021


Kundalini means Goddess. She is not accessed; She is worshiped.

Energy is mine and Thine. It’s yours to access anytime. It’s given to you by the Creators. Same as oxygen fills you and fills the air around you, so also does the life force fill you and fill the air around you. Similarly, if you breathe too rapidly you may hyperventilate, so also too much sunshine may burn your skin. In this way, energy practices also need care.

In the Tantrik tradition, the tradition that gives us the word Kundalini, there are practices, sadhana and tapas, for purifying your vehicle and conditioning it to be a conduit for the higher forces. The question itself indicates a proper humility and respect for yourself and Nature. It is a good foundation for devotional practices, called Bhakti.

The esoteric path of Kundalini worship and devotion, Tantrik arts and Yogic science, is a path whose ultimate goal is the balance and individuation of the higher and lower natures, the light and shadow self, the feminine and masculine — the God and the Goddess in You.

It’s impossible to show you the way in a text message, but there are a few breadcrumbs I can leave you to follow.

  • Love Her. Worship Her with flowers, sweet scents, a bit of water. Keep an image someplace in your home to allow you to reflect consciously, actively. She is your Mother Nature. Your sister. Your best friend and consul. She is your consort. She is your bride. She is your very own Self. The process and path to knowledge, apprehension and deep appreciation of these relationships is a gradual one. Let yourself feel this in time.
  • Remember Him. Worship the Lord, with all your child-like innocence. The masculine nature. The impetus! Together They are God.

This devotion is one of the keys of nurture, and one of the keys to recalling your Nature. It is the seed of inspiration, a wellspring of love that feeds the tides of artistic intuition and creativity.

  • Breathe. An integral practice for the development of the life force is a breathing practice called pranayama. Entirely impossible to instruct through text, you really ought to have a teacher experienced in contraindications of the same. There is quite a lot to know. Breath on several levels will give you safe entrance into several of the mysteries; you needn’t necessarily approach the pranayama methods but may access some of the paths with basic breathing techniques. If interested to go deeper on this topic, contact me and I’ll take you deeper.
  • Meet the fire. The tradition that gives us Kundalini also gives us agni, Fire. Our beings possess and are possessed by two fires called bhuta and jathara agni. One is for physical digestion. One is for digestion of Shakti — energy. It is imperative that the Bhuta agni be developed in order that you are able to digest the higher knowledge of the mysteries and so that the Shakti is not vomited out into your system, causing anger. One thing that must be overcome is self-doubt. This is the one dominant trait that leads to the expulsion of the Shakti back into your system and the consequent over-identification with lower-self. You can begin to know the fire through basic fire worship and sacrifice. For instance, a small fire in your yard or hearth and few spoonfuls of your favorite drink, some herbs and spices, into the fire — just worship. Acknowledge the place of fire in your life. Watch it and understand. Start to make a relationship.

These are some basic practices for entrance onto the path of Kundalini. These practices will open up the doors of perception to you and kindle your creative powers.



David Fox

Yogi and coach at UmaMaYA developing science-based tools that help people reach the fullest potential of the human condition.