The Very Best Way to Meditate

David Fox
3 min readFeb 12, 2021

The best way to meditate is that way which brings you to God.

Do you remember? How you used to commune, naturally?

Recall, the touch of the Divine Spirit. Recall what you were doing at that time. That is the best way to meditate.

You already know everything you need to know. There’s no need to care about what anybody else says.

Monk, yogi, spiritualist, author, guru, self-help coach — we are all the same children of God. Endowed with the same birthright, the same privilege, the same ability to contact and touch our Creator. Our Father. Our Mother.

The best way to meditate is not written in any book or presented through any audio. There is no trick to learn.

Nothing to do with breath. Nothing to do with witnessing. Nothing to do with observation. Nothing to do with knowing the now or the Self.

Remember. Remember the last time you knew God. Before your first Sunday school. Before you went to the church or the temple. Or any time in between or after. Remember.

The best way to meditate is the way which leads you to recall your connection with God. Recall, because the connection is already established. You just be with that connection and meditate there. Eyes open, eyes closed. In conversation, or Silent.

There is nothing to do. Nowhere to go. No one to be.

You can sit, stand, walk, lay down, at any time, in any place, under any circumstance — these are all you to make that distinction and choice according to your own best feeling. Your desire and wish. It is God calling you to be as you are and do what you do. Don’t doubt yourself for a moment. The inspiration that rises in you is the Holy Spirit itself — and it rises in each one a little differently, according to their own, history, for want of a better word. And nobody can tell you a better way to be.

Experiment. Find your best way to reach the God living at the center of you. Maybe you will use breath to do something to your rhythm. Maybe you will use observation or visualization to do something with your mind. Maybe you must take yourself someplace or do wear something special or light something or play something to help yourself recall.

But that is the very best way to meditate. That way that brings you to God.

Anything else, any recipe you follow to achieve anything else except that connection and natural re-union with God, is something else entirely. Something like ritual to purpose, stress-management, magic, self-development, alchemy, problem-solving, relaxation, healing, skrying — so many arts for so many mortal reasons. All of them good and so many how-to books for achievement.

But the very best way to meditate is the one you already know, before you began believing that you needed to seek advice. Before you forgot what you already know.

The absolutely, very best way to meditate is that way which brings you to God.



David Fox

Yogi and coach at UmaMaYA developing science-based tools that help people reach the fullest potential of the human condition.